Linen & Lasercutting 
Photographer: Warren Blair
Model: Suzi Jane
About This Project
This Project began with a photography project to photograph manhole covers around Belfast which I then started to develop into patterns and prints. I began experimenting with laser-cutting processes and began to look into local fabrics. I decided to try and create a range of laser cut designs in Irish Linen off-cuts from Ulster Weavers that I had access to through Ulster Uni. 
I then began to consider what it might look like as part of a garment collection for costume or fashion. I have travelled around South Asia since I was a child on our family holidays so I wanted to bring in some of the influence that had on my life into my designs for this. Between my own personal collection of traditional garments collected on those trips or given to us by friends and going into the NMNI Ulster Museum stores to look at their Asian garment collection I began to experiment with the shape of my garment designs. 
To Bridge the gap between the manhole-cover inspired laser cutting designs and the Asian Traditional Garment inspired shapes I looked at ways of taking those shapes and making them more architectural and minimal in structure. 
What you can see in my sketches and the finished garment is an amalgamation of all of those influences. The materials also reflect both sides of what inspired the collection - my home in N.Ireland: Irish Linen; and my travels in Asia: the yellow silk lining.